Dear Diary: Dealing with Criticism

Dear Diary,

Last week I recieved a text message.

It read,

“Just some advice… as you are blessed with opportunities to serve, keep battling the “I”… the ego will keep tricking you. Its like a black ant on a black rock at night, it comes without you realizing and you constantly have to remind yourself.”

I have been thinking about this message quite a bit lately.

Its made me stop and look deep down inside myself, evaluate my purpose, reflect about my path and most of all overcome my ego.

In our world today, we get easily offended or beat around the bush, stepping on egg shells in order to avoid touching on the sensitivities of others. But what we don’t realize is that without constructive criticism we rob each other of the opportunities to better ourselves.

Only those who think of us as their own will tell us things as they see it, straight up, unadulterated. Only those who love us, and wish to see us advance in this journey we call life will tell us to slow down, or see things a bit differently than we do, remind us to never get ahead of ourselves, show us to value the perspectives of others… 

Had I dismissed this advice, I would have missed out on probably the greatest thing that’s happened to me all year.

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