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A Story to Remember

Z.R. Studios started out as a blog in September of 2016 with Zainab as its only writer, and Masuma the website’s manager. As articles began generating interest and the website getting traffic, soon the duo was flooded with contributions for publishing and many wanted to be part of the blog’s journey to spread good ideas and promote world peace. In only a little over a year’s time as an organization, Z.R. Studios gained thousands of followers across multi-media platforms such as Youtube and Facebook from all over the world. Z.R. Studios has extended its blog writing to daily trends pieces as well as a focus in entertainment films and the art of creative storytelling. Its unique vision of working towards a world filled with absolute peace and justice is one that resonates with many, and through this compassionate community, anything is possible. 



These are the amazing people behind the work we do. 



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