Dear Diary: The Only Reason I’m Alive

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Dear Diary,

Mostly throughout the day I do a lot of thinking.

People find it funny when I say that.

“How do you get time to do a lot of thinking?” they say.

But I have so much to think about that even time is never on my side.

Sometimes, the thoughts in my mind boggle me, overwhelm me, and challenge me,

To keep thinking.


My thoughts consume me, thoughts of a world where we are all one, where we all get along, where we love and respect one another.

But then the reality conflicts my thoughts, bombards my imagination, rattles my world.

I see families quarrelling, I see children being abused, I see poverty rampant, I see hunger everywhere.

I see people giving people labels. I see people jumping on bandwagons, taking selfies, hashtagging events that they believe matter. I see people in their own bubbles, fighting for their interests.

I see people, but I see no justice.

How can there be justice, if we do not acquire justice within ourselves?

How can we want justice, when we don’t even understand what it is?

The pain of other people, whether they’re black, brown, yellow, purple or blue, hurts me like a dagger slashing through my heart.

The only reason I am alive,

Is because of my thoughts.

And I pray, that some day

My thoughts and my reality

Become One.

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