Science Need Not Apply

If you failed science class, rest assured -- in Trump's America, you don't need it.
What’s happening?
President Trump has been criticized for a great many things during his presidency, with qualms from golfing too much to protecting white nationalists; however, perhaps the most bizarre of them all is the accusation that he is anti-science.  In fact, this accusation has caused so much controversy that it resulted in scientists and science-lovers alike banding together on Earth Day 2017 to “march for science.” Given how the President loves to boast about his intelligence, you’d think that maybe he’d make more of an effort to counteract this claim.So What’s the Problem?
Instead, the opposite has happened: President Trump seems to have gone out of his way to validate the claim that he is anti-science. Although this sparked protest in the beginning of his term, this flame seems to have died down in the face of the more glamorous and newsworthy weekly controversies that the White House has entangled themselves in. With the constant commotion caused by the Trump administration continuing to dominate headlines, it’s understandable how people might be getting news fatigue about the president; but, his mismanagement of the various federal science departments is still a major issue.White House 
The White House is supposed to be at the center of all federal activity, which would typically include federal science departments. But the offices of the Environmental Protection Agency and other scientific, governmental agencies have been rather silent these past few months; we’re about 10 months into his presidency and the number of people in the Office of Science and Technology stands at a record low of less than 50 people. President Trump, busy with his pressing matters at the golf course, also never got around to appointing an advisory head for the department.
President Trump spends a lot of time golfing in Florida, so we would expect for him to be paying more attention to NASA. Yet, as it stands, NASA has been without a chief administrator as of last Thanksgiving. He eventually did get around to nominating Congressman Jim Bridenstine. Bridenstine, of course, lacks any scientific background and is notorious for not believing in climate change up until this year.
Speaking of climate change deniers without scienctific backgrounds who are somehow running science based government agencies, Scott Pruitt announced some rule changes to how the EPA chooses its advisers. While quoting the Bible (I wish we were joking) Scott Pruitt announced that scientists would no longer be allowed in the advisory board due to “conflict of interest.” Instead, the advisers would be comprised of representatives from a diverse group of industries, such as oil and gas — otherwise known as people who should never be left in charge of environmental affairs.

So, Basically…
President Trump seems to have a bad habit of mismanaging his different science agencies. Given how the United States is often the main innovator for many new technologies, you’d think that he would give science more attention. Maybe if he could pry himself away from the golf course, he could finally take a course in something more useful, or at least hire someone who has. 

News with a Side of Hot
Zimbabwe: Free At Last?
President Mugabe of Zimbabwe has officially stepped down from power. President Mugabe came to power in the 1980s after leading helping his country achieve independence. Ever since then he has been the “President” (dictator). He has long ruled with an iron fist and has a long a list of human rights abuses underneath his belt. This all changed when members of his own party expelled him from the party and left him vulnerable in negotiations with the army which had taken control of the government. After receiving assurances that he would have immunity for all his crimes, he finally agreed to resign and left the door open for a new ruler.
Myanmar Crisis: Update
The Rohingya Muslims have faced grave circumstances in the last few months after Myanmar actively started military crackdowns. These military crackdowns were heavily condemned by the international community due to their striking resemblance to ethnic cleansing. In response to the threat, over 600 thousand individuals became refugees and fled into neighboring countries. Finally there might be peace as the government of Bangladesh has signed a deal with Myanmar to allow refugees to return. However, it is unclear as to what the terms are and what’s stopping Myanmar from continuing its cleanse after the refugees have returned. Understandably, many refugees are hesitant to return since just last week head of the Myanmar’s military told the US Secretary of State that Rohingya’s Muslims could only return if “real citizens” accepted them.Yemen Blockade
After three weeks of a total blockade of Yemen airports, ports and borders by the Saudi Armed Forces, aid is finally being allowed to reach desperate Yemenis – as two days ago, the Saudi-led coalition announced the reopening of the Red Sea ports and Saana’s airport. Three flights, all carrying UN and International Red Cross personnel arrived in Yemen yesterday, bringing with them 1.9 million doses of vaccines. This is the first time aid has been allowed to enter the country at all since November 6th, when Saudi Arabia imposed a total blockade of the country, following the launch of a missile at Riyadh by Houthi rebel forces.Terror in Egypt
Over 235 people were killed and at least 120 are injured following a gun and bomb attack at a mosque in North Sinai, Egypt.

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