Tumult Via Turkey: The Attack on Afrin

Is Afrin on the path to becoming Turkey's Afghanistan?

Afrin is currently facing a humanitarian crisis as it is being surrounded by the Turkish-backed Islamic extremist forces, with the situation growing more dire each day. However, the Turks are praising the operation as if they were attacking the devil-land and they are in the era of the Crusades. The President of Turkey, Erdogan’s imperial ambitions do not end here; in fact, he plans to eradicate the Kurds in Afrin forever.

Currently, Turkish citizens are living in a declining economy and a divided society along ethnic and religious lines. With the election looming in the future, the Turkish government is trying to divert the attention toward a common enemy — a signature move of authoritarian regimes trying to secure their political hold.


Turkey’s stated objective in Afrin is to create a safe zone for the Syrian refugees, even though Afrin is the most conflict-free zone in Syria and remains one of the only that was not destroyed by the war. Regardless, destroying a province with half a million people and then rebuilding would make a pretty sweet deal for the money-hungry Turkish-state-owned construction companies. 

According to TR TV, Turkey has used toxic gas in Afrin to secure their interests.

Based on a statement by hospital director, Joan Mohammed, “Six people have been admitted with symptoms of suffocation as a result of the use of projectiles with poisonous gas by the Turkish regime in the town of Aranda.”

However shortly after the news Turkish foreign minister tweeted that the news is baseless.

Recently, Erdogan stated that they have captured 1000 villages in Afrin. However, Afrin includes only 366 villages; granted, Erdogan may not be a mathematician, but it does not take a rocket scientist to differentiate that number from 1000.

It is likely that Afrin will be Turkey’s Afghanistan, as Turkey is an authoritarian state like the Soviet Union and Afghans bear similarities to the Kurds. The real threat is that, since the end of the Cold War, it is of very few cases in which a country attacks another country’s soil, possibly prompting other countries to follow suit. As Turkey is ruled by the few, it is very possible that their ambitions may not end in Afrin.

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